Constructed in the XVI century above the doorway that gave access to the ancient Medieval port, the Church of Mercy, today partially out of use for religious services, holds an interesting collection of Christian Religious Art. The body of the church, the sacristy and other annexes are today used as exhibition spaces. Over the last twenty years the collection of statues, paintings and religious vessels was gathered from some churches in the district that had been abandoned and offered little security. Amongst the set of three-dozen artefacts sculptured in polychrome wood are some that belong to the great European schools of the XVI century and the great majority were made in regional workshops.

The first part of the exhibition refers to all the parochial churches, as well as a film of the annual procession to Our Lord of the Steps. Some artefacts from the old Church of Mercy and three monumental boards that belonged to the five-hundred-year-old ancient altars from the Parish church are also exhibited. Amongst the liturgical vessels on exhibition, three important artefacts in chiselled silver from the XVI century; a small chest/pyx, a processional cross and a monstrance are highlighted. From the XVIII century, a set of chalices and other small liturgical vessels stand out.

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