Occupying the area of the ancient Roman constructions and a small fortified neighbourhood from the Islamic period, the castle dominates the whole settlement and serves as a reference point to the shots of ancient battles, to the memory of other events.

The keep, still imposing with its formidable volume, marks the period in which Mértola, was the national headquarters of the Order of Santiago for the duration of a century. In the armoury whose ceiling is a cross vault, there are some architectural elements collected from the town and the surrounding area and attributed to the transition period between the VI and IX centuries, a period dominated by the decorative forms of Visigothic taste.

This display, apart from being a thematic catalogue, has a didactic panel referring to the topographic implantation of the exhibited objects.

Another exhibition programme is planned to be set up in a recently restored upper room, one dedicated to the history of the fort itself.

In the castle enclosure, whose walls have been recently mended, access is at present restricted due to the restoration works. Another space will be available at the end of 2007 for temporary exhibitions.

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