The Miner’s house – Documentation centre, is the first permanent exhibition of the Museum of São Domingos Mine. This museum is a contribution to the reconstruction and valorization of São Domingos town, its people and its memories. Having that in mind, two new museum related centers were created: a (re) creation of the Miner’s House, and a Documentation Center dedicated to the recollection of memories.
The Miner’s House wants to show the physical space in which a family would have lived.

The tools, the memories, the symbols, the needs… Most of all it is a challenge to the imagination and sensitivity of a visitor that allows one to experience first hand the daily life of a regular family in that space; three, four, five, six, sometimes more people confined to 16 square meters… The main concern in this rebuilding of the miner’s house was the intention of recreating a building as faithful as a living document, both historically and culturally, in which the elder could remember, the younger could learn and the visitors could understand how it was to live in 16 square meters.

The Documentation Centre is supposed to be a recollection site, an archive in which any type of documentation (photography, papers documents and objects) can be studied and analyzed and contemplated. Here we exhibit pieces offered by the mining community that help to enlarge, enhance and benefit the 150 years of history of São Domingos Mine.

Miguel Rego e Carlos Gomes

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