Mértola is a town with a very important past, therefore it is of relevant importance as far as archaeology and heritage are concerned. Due to its past and all the work that has been done so far, we now have a great responsibility in our hands, the responsibility to preserve, value and divulge all this incredible wealth.

Mértola’s Museum was created by the City Hall in 2004, it’s a group of geographically scattered museums, most of which are located in Mértola’s historical centre. The main objective of Mértola’s Museum is to study, catalogue, preserve, treat and divulge all the spoils that have been found in Mértola over the last 30 years due to a vast number of archaeological interventions in the area. The historical heritage is fundamental for the development of Mértola, it grants us an individuality that makes us unique in our country, it is our greatest asset.

The investment and research on heritage should not only be tourism oriented, we must also focus in educational and scientific purposes, Mértola’s Museum is visited by thousands of students from all ages and from all over the country every year. New Technologies are all so in the agenda, a good example is this Internet site, a window into Mértola which is meant to be no more than a first contact and a way to prepare a future visit to Mértola.

The roots in the past and the eyes on the future.
João Miguel Palma Serrão Martins

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