The Local Council is responsible for the carrying out of educational services. It depends on a Committee made up of technicians coming from various sectors such as Sports, Culture and Tourism Department, Mértola Museum, the Municipal Library, ALSUD –school and the Socio-educational Department. The main aim is to outline an intervention strategy with a defined target group, with resources to be applied and an annual plan of activities.

Previsions for the year 2008 include training sessions for staff, for teachers and other players in the educational process, activities with an educational supply bag on the Islamic period, the implementation of a circuit of visits with audio guides and the carrying out of educational visits. (The calendar for these activities will be published soon).

“Museums and the Community” Training Session

The training session “Museums and the Community” led by Dr.ª Ana Duarte took place on 7th and 14th April with the aim of implementing Educational Services in Mértola Museum. The employees and co-workers of the Museum, as well as the employees of DCDT, the library, tourism and other institutions such as the Children’s Workshop, MERTURIS, Serrão Martins Foundation and the students of the Museum and Archaeological Techniques from the ALSUD school took part in this training session.

The main aim of this training session was to systematize information relating to the implementation of educational services in museums via a theoretical component and to present practical solutions for carrying out these activities. The second day was filled with practical activities developed by the trainees in the various museums.

The training course will be concluded with one more session to be carried out on 26th May in which the tutor will show the results of the practical work and will carry out two guided visits with distinct groups with the aim of exemplifying the need to adapt different languages for different types of public.


Training courses throughout 2009:

- Training course “MERCATOR – Routes des Marchands, Villes des Marchés en Mediterranée” – which took place on the 19th of January in Mértola’s Museum, conducted by Dr Susana Goméz Martinez.

- Training course “Mértola Islâmica” – which took place on the 11th of March in the Centre Islamic and Mediterranean studies, conducted by Dr Susana Gómez Martinez.

- Training course “Mértola Islâmica II” – which took place on the 18th of November in the Centre Islamic and Mediterranean studies, conducted by Dr Susana Gómez Martinez.

- Training course “Mértola Romana e na Antiguidade Tardia”- Which took place in the Early Christian Basilica, conducted by Master Virgílio Mestre.

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