Pottery Laboratory
Ceramics are the most abundant artefacts of our archaeological excavations and the ones that are best preserved with the passing of the centuries. This makes them an invaluable source of information on past societies. But this source requires a lot of effort being put into the treatment in the laboratory - cleaning, marking, sorting, gluing and restoring – prior to their study and being made known to the public. It is the Ceramics Office of Mértola’s Archaeological Site that is busy with the preservation and restoration of ceramic materials, their register and inventory. Furthermore, it is engaged in the upkeep of the objects, both those on exhibition in Mértola Museum and those kept in storage.

Laboratory of non-ceramic materials
Non-ceramic objects, that include metals and metal alloys, worked bone and glass, represent a significant part of the materials exhumed from the diverse archaeological interventions carried out in Mértola. This office is mainly dedicated to their preservation and study. It is also responsible for the upkeep of both stored materials and those exhibited in the Museum, as well as for their study and inventory.

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